U12 International Baseball Cup 2017 18. Mai | Michael Schoeberl

Unser Turnier am Pfingstwochenende hier in Regensburg soll sowohl eine sportliche Herausforderung, sowie Baseballsport der Jüngsten auf höchstem Niveau sein, vor allem aber ein Wochenende der Begegnung und Freundschaft im Sport. Our tournament in Regensburg on the weekend 03./04. of June is ment to be on one hand an outstanding sports challenge for our youngest Baseball players, on the other hand even more a weekend of meeting and friendship in sports.


U12 International Baseball Cup 2017 16. Mai | Gerd Stuber

Standard baseball rules apply with following exceptions and field size: Field Size: Distance Base to Base 18,29m Distance Pitching Rubber to Home Plate 14,02m Outfield depth Left Field Foulline 62m Center Field 68m Right Field Foulline 51m Additional Rules: I. Stealing Bases a. Stealing bases is allowed b. It is not allowed to take a lead; Runner has to keep contact to the base until the pitched ball crosses the home plate. In case releasing contact to the Base too early or in case of taking a lead the runner has to be called out, it´s dead ball and the pitch won´t count. c. As soon as the Pitcher has control of the ball and is close to the pitcher rubber every Runner has to get back to the Base. II. Droped Thrid strike No droped third strike rule. A Batter is out with 3 strikes wether the ball is catched or not. It is Live Ball. III. Balk. No Base on Balks. In case of the Pitcher breaking his pitching movement, or dropping the ball while having contact to the Pitching Rubber it will be dead ball and he earns one more ball on the count. IV. Pitcher Regulations a. A Pitcher is allowed to face 21 Batters a day b. If a Pitcher faces more than 5 Batters in one game or on one day he has to take one day off.